Claudio Aloha | Western Australia Road Trip Inspiration
Aloha and welcome to my website! Here I will share all my knowledge about this beautiful planet.
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Western Australia Road Trip Inspiration

About This Project

In January 2017 I made a road trip through Western Australia.



My highlights were:


Dolphin Feeding in Monkey Mia, make sure to put on a big smile if you want to be selected to feed the dolphin. There are 3 feedings in the morning, first is usually the busiest.


Surfing in Gnaraloo: The drive is a bit complicated, I would recommend a 4WD through the sand, however, I made it all the way to gnaraloo station with a 2WD rental car.


Baby Sharks at Coral Bay and Snorkeling Ningaloo Reef: Coral Bay is beautiful, make sure to walk north along the beach about 1 mile and you will see many small sharks in the water!


Sea Turtle at Turquoise Bay: I spend half a day at Turquoise Bay in Cape Range National Park, at one point I saw a green sea turtle raise it’s little head out of the water and I grabbed my snorkel and gopro and managed to get a selfie with it, one of my favorite!


Emu in Exmouth. If you are at the visitor center in Exmouth there is a drinking pot for Emus. They come very close, but be careful!


Sandboarding in Lancelin: At the dunes in Lancelin there is a small truck parked where you can rent a sandboard and some wax, make sure that there is plenty of wax on the board and look for a steep cliff. There is much more traction compared to snow, but still fun.


Cottesloe Beach is one of my favorites in Perth, I timelapsed the sunset. There was one guy with orange glasses. He asked me if I wanted to put them on, and the colors through that thing were incredible.


Trigg and Scarborough Beach are also very cool beaches with sometimes great surf. Very clear water too, you guys in perth are spoiled.


Fremantle is a cool part of Perth with great food and vibe, I was at a Falls festival with many great bands and people.


Rottnest Island is also worth a day visiting. You can book online, I think on tuesday it is the cheapest. Make sure to include a bike and find wild Quokka and beautiful viewpoints.


The path to Penguin Island is actually walkable through knee deep water, my friend even saw a dolphin on the way. On the Island you have to check out the bushes, if you are lucky you will find one of the penguins in it.


Southbound Festival was an amazing experience, thanks to my friend Harry and all of his cool friends.


I also recommend the Southwest around Margaret River if you are into surfing, the city with the most laid back vibe in all of WA is definitely Dunsborough.


Even more South there was Elephant Rocks near Denmark.  A very cool rock formation and again beautiful clear water.


Another classic is the Treetop Walk, also know as Valley of the Giants. A cool tourist attraction that respects the nature around it.


My absolute favorite moment was sharing a toast with a kangaroo at Lucky Bay, Esperance.


I had a great time and can highly recommend all of these locations and a road trip through Western Australia.



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