Claudio Aloha | Best places to see turtles in Hawaii
Aloha and welcome to my website! Here I will share all my knowledge about this beautiful planet.
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Best places to see turtles in Hawaii

About This Project

My Guide on how to get to the Secret Turtle Cove of Hawaii:


I was lucky to meet a local on the Kalalau Trail who took me to this amazing hidden cave with about 10-12 sleeping sea turtles.


The location is at a cliff near princeville, you have to climb down with a rope and then swim for a bit to get to the entrance. Once you made it to the beach enter the cave and walk into it. It’s very dark, but there is an exit. At this exit there are the turtles. One of the most magical places on earth in my opinion. Treat it with respect!


Here are more informations:

This is what it looks like: